Let US Commercial Credit Collection Agency in Murrieta, California answer your questions and resolve your concerns. Please read the following FAQs below to learn more about our services.

How does your collection service work?

We use the latest telecommunication technology for effective telephone call automation. Our experienced collectors also make live telephone calls. We use an automation process for letter notices and payment processing for fast collection and remittance turnaround time.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are manufacturing, wholesale, service, transportation, retail, and commercial businesses.

How do you keep the customer, client, or account information private?

Our company complies with both state and federal regulations. All business and consumer information obtained is only used for the purpose within the scope of the collection or accounts receivables work that we do. All client information obtained is kept in the strictest of confidence. We treat all client and consumer relations with the highest possible level of privacy and respect.

Do you report collection accounts to credit bureaus?

Yes, we report to major national credit bureaus.

If we have old outstanding accounts receivables, how far back can we go to assign to collections?

For credit and collections, you can go back up to seven years. On the other hand, for legal collections, you can go back up to four years.

What if we have outdated consumer address information and/or commercial accounts or accounts that have moved out of state?

We have the ability to locate and collect in all 50 states.

Can you file a lawsuit or collect on judgments for us?

Yes, we have access to an attorney network in all 50 states.

Does your company charge for setup or have upfront collection charges?

No. We work on a contingency basis, which means we only charge you a percentage of what we collect. Our fees are very competitive and affordable. They are based on collection accounts volume assigned.

What if we do not want to pay a percentage of what you collect?

You can pre-pay an average of $13.00 per account depending on how many accounts you assign. Kindly take note that 24 accounts are the pre-paid minimum.

How do we assign accounts? Do we have to fill out forms or paperwork?

No. Accounts, invoices, and statements can be assigned directly by using secure Internet connection. There are no additional forms to be filled out. We will handle all paperwork for you to ensure a smooth, confidential, and speedy transition.

How do we know what collection work is being done and what stage of collections our accounts are in?

Our company can provide you with detailed monthly reports. We can even give you a secure personal password so you can access your accounts’ information directly from our system online.

How often do you remit payments to us?

For pre-paid accounts, payments are remitted directly to you. All early-out outsourcing collection payments can be processed and deposited in our clients’ bank accounts daily. All other contingency collections, including legal collections, are remitted monthly to our clients.